Consultation Information


Classroom structure at Cury Primary School


Consultation Meeting for Parents 26 May 2021


Thank you to those who attended the meeting.  


For those of you who didn't manage to come, the meeting was convened to discuss the classroom structure for the new academic year starting in September 2021.  


The school wants to provide a quality education for children. But each school’s funding is dictated by the number of pupils attending, so when pupil numbers fall, the ability to provide such quality, suffers.


The current pupil roll would mean teaching the whole school as one class resulting in reception aged children being taught alongside Year 6 pupils. We believe this will have a detrimental affect on all the pupils and teaching staff and the results they can achieve together.


Consequently, the School’s Trustees are proposing a significant change to a new Infant only provision, age 3 -7 from Autumn 2021. 


Following guidance on process from the Department for Education, we have four weeks to complete a consultation with parents over the proposals, in order to start the new proposed pattern in September. This means that Key Stage 2 pupils would need to move schools. The Trust plans to align the curriculum at Mullion Primary  School as the next nearest setting, but ultimately which school is selected remains a parental choice.


We recognise this is a very disappointing development. 


We are all focussed on ensuring the highest quality of education for our children and making sure the school remains a presence in the village, with the potential to grow, should the demographic picture improve in the future.


Parents and members of the Parish Council are invited to visit the school to discuss the plans with members of the Southerly Point Trust on a drop in basis on Tuesday 8th June between 3.30pm-6.00pm. We do hope to see you then.


Should you be unable to attend, the Trust administrator's email is included in the attached consultation paper where any questions can be posed.  These will be anonymised, answered and then posted on the school website (FAQ) for all to read.


Please do take the opportunity to take part in the consultation. We trust the end result will ensure the best possible educational provision for the village with the future possibility of expansion, should pupil numbers increase.