Cury C of E Primary School is closed until further notice.
Our key worker provision is at Mullion Primary School. Contact: 01326 240585 to book a place for your child. Mullion Primary will be open throughout the Holiday period including bank holidays. Please if you need a place book it or we will be closed so that staff can remain at home in line with government advice.
Do NOT send your child in if they have any of the Covid -19 symptoms: a persistent cough or high temperature.
Help us to keep everyone safe.

Coronavirus - Please check the 'Government & Southerly Point Advice to Parents on COVID-19 tab for updated information.

Click above for access to the Trust's website and associated documents
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 A huge thank you to Helston Rugby Club for surprising the children of key workers who have been attending school while their parents go out to work. 

Free School Meals Communications

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Free School Meals

Cury C of E Primary School will be making the following meal provision for those pupils entitled to Free School Meal during the Covid-19 closure period.

  • If a pupil is coming in to school - a meal will be provided in the normal way.
  • If a pupil is staying at home - a £15 food voucher will be provided every week during the closure period. The £15 is for a single pupil, so for example if you have three pupils at the school you will receive £45.
  • The voucher can be sent in two formats - as an e-voucher or a gift card. If you do not receive your voucher, please email and provide your child’s name and the school they attend and we will get back to you. 
  • Vouchers can be used in store or on-line if you are getting your shopping delivered to home.
  • The vouchers are for Free School Meals pupils only and not Universal Free School meals pupils; again, if the Government guidance changes, the school will alter the voucher provision to fit the new guidance.

FSM Scam

The Department for Education has been informed that some parents in England that they have received an email stating:

‘As schools will be closing, if you're entitled to free school meals, please send your bank details and we'll make sure you're supported’.

This is a scam email, do not respond and delete it immediately. The school will never request your bank details.


Due to a Change in Circumstances You Need to Register for Free School Meals.

During this period, we suspect due to changes in people’s financial situation that more people than usual will become entitled to Free School Meals. If this applies to you, please follow this link to apply for Free School Meals.

Cornwall Council have confirmed that this service will continue to operate during the Covid-19 closedown.

Please keep an eye on the school website for further updates.


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