We have arrived at Butlin's.....

18th June 2018
After stopping for lunch the children and staff arrived at Butlin's shortly after 2pm this afternoon.
Day One.
We started our trip with a visit to the fairground, then we met the team and enjoyed a comedy science show. We had a Treasure Hunt before going back to our "homes" to unpack and get ready for our evening meal.
After tea we went to watch England play their World Cup match and then went to the mugga area before making ourselves at home in our apartments. Once ready for bed we had hot chocolate and some of Lesley's homemade chocolate cake - delicious!
The children settled for the night really well - amazingly every single one of them snuggled up happily! It was lights out by 9.30 and it wasn't long before all was quiet. 
Everyone has been amazing - superb behaviour and lots of fun! All in all a great first day...............